Monday, April 23, 2012

Mophie Powerstation

Up for review today, we have the Powerstation by Mophie. I've reviewed the Juicepack plus iPhone case which was fantastic and this portable battery pack is no exception to Mophie's outstanding products. 

The Powerstation product that I'm going to feature is the (PRODUCT) RED version. The Powerstation is simply a portable battery pack boasting 4,000mAh of juice. You will notice that this battery pack is very small and lightweight for its power output. The exterior features a nice soft touch coating with a metal band. There are a series of LED lights that will let you know how much power remains within the battery. On the band, there are 2 ports, one being the port to charge the Powerstation and one being the USB port to charge your device. Other than these 2 ports, on one side, there is a single button that will illuminate the LEDs to let you know how much power remains within the battery and this button also turns the Powerstation on when you have connected your device.
This battery pack can provide up to 2.1A and is capable of switching between 500mAh, 1A and 2.1A charging output levels depending upon the device connected. Like I mentioned above, the Powerstation provides 4,000mAh of juice which is a huge amount for it's slim design. In my testing, I would run my iPhone 4S battery down to 1% then connect it to the Powerstation. I am a heavy iPhone user during work and would use it a lot while connected. I was able to charge my iPhone to 100% and still have 1 of 4 LEDs lit when I disconnected it. It's hard to estimate an exact percentage of battery life remaining but one LED of remaining life on the Powerstation nets quite a bit of charge (roughly 30% on my iPhone under light usage).
I am very impressed with this Powerstation product and I highly recommend it. It sells for $79.95 and is available in black and red. The red version donates 5% of the net profits to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS. 

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