Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spigen Linear EX Slim for iPhone 5

Today i'll be reviewing the Linear EX slim series case from none other than Spigen SGP.  The folks over at Spigen have recently released a bunch of products in their "slim" line.  I am a big fan of the linear EX case...will this one make the cut?  Read on for the full review below.

I had the linear EX case for my iPhone 4S and liked it a lot; a lot more than the OEM apple bumper.  The iPhone 4S version did have a little bit of bulk to it, not more than any other bumper, but it was surely noticeable.  When I saw that they were releasing a "slim" version of this case, I was really anxious to get my hands on one for review.  You definitely have to get one of these if you like a nice slim case that doesn't make your thin iPhone 5 a thick gaudy gadget.  

The linear series of cases from Spigen are a 2 piece design with 2 "L" shaped pieces that lock together to complete the frame.  Another thing I really like about them is that the volume buttons and sleep/awake button are totally covered but still provide perfect "click" when the buttons are depressed.  The cutout for the silent switch is a little on the smaller side but they don't have much room to enlarge this due to the thin form factor of the case.  Along the bottom side there are slits to ensure perfect speaker and microphone usage as well as a pretty small lightning port cutout and a moderately narrow headphone jack cutout.  

There is a small amount of lay on the table "lip" to the case but when using it with a Spigen GLAS.tR, like I am, the lip is non existent (it almost seems like the screen shield extends beyond the case lip).  I would have liked to see a little bit more especially since Spigen is the one that owns the design to the GLAS.tR and touts all of their cases to "work" with it.  

Along with the case itself, you will get a high quality Spigen crystal screen shield, clear back protector and a set of jelly home button stickers for the low price of $21.99.  I think this is one of the best deals that they're offering right now considering the Neo Hybrid EX case is selling for $31.99 and is essentially the "same" type of case.  

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