Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mophie Powerstation PRO

Mophie has been hard at work creating their new line of products that they've branded as PRO models. The powerstation PRO is one of the newest products that they offer and one that i'll have the chance to review for you guys today

The Powerstation PRO is an upgraded version of the popular Powerstation that Mophie has been selling for awhile. It's no secret that Mophie is one of the top players in the portable battery and battery case market; if not THE top player. Does the Powerstation PRO live up to its PRO name? Let's find out right now!

The PRO version offers many upgrades over the standard Powerstation. One of which is the increase in battery capacity; you now get 6,000mAh versus 4,000mAh. Because of the increased battery capacity, you'll see that the Powerstation PRO is noticeably larger than the Powerstation. The battery itself is surrounded by a rigid but rubbery casing that should handle the most brutal of drops on concrete. I would venture to say you could even throw this battery and watch it bounce around with no damage. The charging port and USB port are both covered with the same rubberized material and should keep all grime and elements out from those sensitive areas. One small detail I noticed is that those port covers also have small gaskets to further ensure moisture doesn't enter. The Powerstation PRO is dust and water resistant so you can literally take it anywhere you go (other than underwater). I wouldn't hesitate taking it with me camping or hiking in the dirtiest of conditions. 

The unit as a whole is low key and simple as the battery is gray and the casing is black rubber. The mophie logo appears on top of the battery along with 4 small LED lights below it to indicate how much charge remains. On the left side, you'll find one rubberized button that you need to press in order to turn on the battery which doubled as a status light button to illuminate the LED's showing you the amount of charge left. Other than that, the only other features on the battery are the charging and USB ports on the front.

Mophie has nailed it once again with their Powerstation PRO and I am highly recommending it as I absolutely love this product. The price is significantly higher than the Powerstation but rightfully so due to the increased battery capacity and the ruggedness that is the Powerstation PRO. You can grab this battery for $129.95 at

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