Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spigen SGP Linear Series Mix & Match

Today i'll be taking a closer look at the Linear Series Mix & Match case for the iPhone 4/4S made by Spigen SGP. They've been making high quality cases for awhile and i've been very excited to get this case to review for you guys.

Spigen SGP recently launched their Mix & Match line of products which allows you to separately purchase the parts of the case to literally Mix & Match any color combo that you so desire. The pieces are very well priced and affordable enough to buy a couple different colors for daily variety.

The Linear Series is comprised of 3 pieces; one top frame, one bottom frame and one back cover. The fitment of them as a whole is outstanding. To install the case, I simply placed the back cover behind the phone and flexed the top frame onto the phone making sure to keep the back cover firmly attached. The last step was to hold the top and back with one hand and use the other hand to snap on the bottom frame which holds the entire assembly together. The installed fit is perfect and it doesn't move around on the phone at all.

The case has a great feel in the users hand as all the edges are rounded and smooth. The one “semi” complaint that I have is that the finish of the case is very slick and can possibly slip out of your hands if you aren't careful. As for the cutouts on the case, the left side features one large cutout for the volume buttons and silent switch, the top has a nice oversized cutout for the headphone jack with a pinhole for the secondary mic paired with a nice oversized and beveled cutout for the on/off button, lastly, the bottom of the case has separate cutouts for the microphone, speaker and 30 pin dock connector. The 30 pin connector cutout is oversized enough to accommodate most cables. The back cover has a pill shaped cutout for the camera with a black flash ring that eliminates any flashback. The SGP logo is small and tastefully located on the lower portion of the plate (their logo is also embossed on the left side of the frame).

Overall, I'm very pleased with the case and I'm highly recommending it. I've used it for a few days and I can't complain about anything except for the slick finish as mentioned above. Spigen SGP has not disappointed in the past and surely doesn't disappoint with this case. The top frame is priced at $6.99, the lower frame is priced at $4.99, and the back cover is priced at $9.99 available in a plethora of colors which SGP claims offers 1,000 different color combinations. Go customize your Linear Series Mix & Match case here.

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