Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spigen SGP Steinheil Series Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector

Up for review today is the Ultra Oleophobic screen protector made by Spigen SGP for the all new iPhone 5.  Big shout out to Spigen SGP for sending me this screen protector and having it in my hands before my iPhone 5 was delivered.  

This screen protector is part of the Steinheil series of screen protectors which are historically great screen shields.  The Ultra Oleophobic is their oil resistant version that is supposed to prevent smudges and clean easily similar to the bare glass.  In my test, I found that smudges didn't clean as easily as the bare glass and also showed fingerprints a lot more.  It was not nearly as bad as other crystal shields i've used in the past so the Oleophobic coating surely works.  I used a clean microfiber cloth to occasionally wipe the phone and found it took a little work to clean it entirely as the cloth seemed to wipe the smudges around more than clean them off which lengthened the cleaning process.  Not a deal breaker at all but worth mentioning.  

The screen protector has zero scratches on it so far and it is absolutely crystal clear.  Unless you look at the screen at an angle in direct light, you cannot tell it is installed.  It is just about as smooth as the bare glass and does not degrade the screen quality whatsoever.  

This screen protector is going to be compared against their Ultra Crystal version in an upcoming review, so look out for that review coming soon.  The Ultra Oleophobic is available for $13.99 and comes with 2 shields, a squeegee and dust removal stickers to ensure you get a perfect installation.  

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