Sunday, September 2, 2012

Timbuk2 Custom Envelope Sleeve

Today I will be reviewing the Custom Envelope Sleeve by Timbuk2 for you guys.  This company has been around since 1989 and is all about making custom bags to order in San Francisco.  They make a large variety of different styles and I happen to have this Envelope Sleeve for review right now.

The Envelope Sleeve is a very simplistic bag if you want to call it but it does not have a shoulder strap. It is a simple sleeve to protect your laptop when you are out and about.  The interior of the bag is lined with high density foam but does seem like it's a little thin.  I would have preferred to have a thicker foam in the event I dropped my laptop.  On top of this foam, there is a soft scratch resistant liner, red in color, to ensure your laptop does not get scratched.  The exterior of the sleeve is comprised of 3 panels which are up to the user to choose when designing the case (or there are many pre-made choices that you can pick from).  I chose waxed canvas gray for the left and right panels which is a neat material that will break in and wear the more that the bag is used.  The center panel I chose a plain black.  All 3 materials literally feel like they will never ever be compromised.  The material feels nice, thick and resilient.  The stitch work and build construction, which is all done by hand and made to order, is outstanding.  Finally, the flap is firmly secured by velcro.

I am a fan of Timbuk2's products and this is surely not an exception.  This sleeve sells for $49 as seen in my review (the waxed canvas was $10 extra) and is available through the Timbuk2 website where you can create the custom sleeve of your own imagination.