Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lifeproof Adapter for GoPro Mounts

Lifeproof has been on a streak of creating all sorts of accessories for its case so you can use it in a variety of daily activities.  The latest mount that I have received for review is the Lifeproof Adapter for GoPro Mounts.

This mount works perfectly with all GoPro mounts and attaches in the exact same way with the GoPro hardware.

Installation is a breeze as you slide your Lifeproof case into the lower portion of the mount and click the top portion in.  The top clip has a locking mechanism which will ensure it will not pop out during extreme usage. 

The mount has a perfectly sized cutout for the camera so you can use your phone in the mount either front or rear facing. 

I primarily use my GoPro while I am riding motocross on my ATV and I am not so sure i'd want to risk my iPhone during that activity.  It would work, no doubt about it but leaving my iPhone hanging off of my helmet?  With that being said, of course the GoPro mounts can be used in a variety of ways including the windshield mount that my GoPro came with which would be a neat way to hang your iPhone off of your windshield to record whatever activity you're up to!  This GoPro mount is available for $29.99 and is available right now!


  1. You bought this directly from Lifeproof for $29.99? I cant seem to find them.

  2. Yea im the same cant find it so ive emailed them to try order it i wanna take it diving wheni go spearfishing

  3. Me 3, cant find it. I really want one for riding Wakeboards

  4. The idiots at lifeproof stopped making them. I ordered one, and ordered the GoPro mount. I get an E mail from lifeproof that they stopped making them so now I have to pay to return the GoPro. I'm not at all happy. They should've taken it off their web site

  5. I finded it!