Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Power Support iPhone 4/4S Screen Shield

Today i'll be reviewing the crystal screen shield by Power Support.  There are many, many options out there for screen shields and i'd like to tell you a little bit about the one i've been using for the past week. 

For starters, I can tell you with confidence that the products by Power Support are superior to the cheap clear screen shields that sell on eBay and Amazon.  Are they really worth the money?  Well, this is to be debated and is surely based on user opinion.  

I have used a variety of screen shields on my iPhone included cheap eBay screen shields, zagg invisible shield, Phantomskinz clear & matte etc.  The first thing I noticed when installing the Power Support crystal is that my fingers don't glide as smoothly along the screen during normal use.  This immediately bothers me as I am very particular about my iPhone.  My other huge complaint is that the screen shield fingerprints easily and is a task to clean.  When using my clean microfiber cloth, it seems to smear the fingerprints around and requires quite a bit of effort to polish the screen shield clean.  

The screen shield has held up against scratching pretty well so I was impressed by that but the fingerprinting and difficulty of cleaning is kind of a deal breaker for me.  Most users who need their device fully protected from scratches would benefit from these over the eBay screen shields but if you are picky about your phone screen, you may find this product a nuisance. 

Power Support offers a crystal, anti-glare, HD anti-glare and a privacy film and offer them in various packages.  For the most part, you can get a couple screen shields for $14.95 via their website.

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