Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

Today i'm going to be reviewing the newest product from Bowers & Wilkins which are the P3 headphones.  The P3's are on ear style headphones similar to their P5's.  Check out my full review below to get all the details!  

Bowers & Wilkins is an absolute powerhouse in the audio market and I am a huge fan of their equipment.  I had a chance to review their C5 in ear headphones and i'm very excited to tell you guys about their on ear P3's.  

They have not cut any corners when it comes to the build quality of these headphones.  The quality of workmanship and quality of materials is outstanding.  The product is a perfect mesh of metal and plastic and of course the padding is perfectly plush for maximum comfort.  They may appear to be fragile but this is not the case whatsoever.  The design was able to reduce the size and weight of the overall headphones without sacrifice. Another thing that I found to be very handy is that the ear pads are attached magnetically so that you can remove them and swap the headphone cable quite easily with the cable provided.  The hinge on the ear cups and the metal band is built magnificently and looks amazing.  The adjustment of the headband slides along those metal bands and slides as smooth as butter.  

I know you've all been waiting to hear all about the SQ, so here goes.  Do they stack up to their $200 price tag?  My quick answer is, Yes they do.  The P3's have a very natural sound and that is surely in line with their advertisement of this product.  I have found the highs to be slightly on the bright side but is just about perfectly balanced with the overall sound signature.  The mids are sufficient, no complaints there.  The lows are natural sounding just as designed.  The lows are not overpowering like a lot of headphones (Beats for example) and that is what I prefer.  The overall signature of the headphones is (dare I say?) ... perfect. I am extremely impressed with the product that B&W has produced.  

The headphones leak a lot of sound out and don't do a great job of blocking out ambient noise but that is by design since they are supra aural.  It is not a knock on the product but I just wanted to mention it as the headphones are not for everybody.  If you're using these in an office environment, you would have to be very careful about your listening level.  

The P3 by Bowers & Wilkins is a worthy recommendation and is available in white and black for $199.99.  

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