Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spigen Leather Wallet Case Snap for iPhone 5

Hi guys, today i'm going to be reviewing another case from Spigen - the Leather wallet snap case.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but Spigen is truly leading the game when it comes to premium, awesome, amazing cases for the iPhone.  

This case is a new style of case for me as i've never owned one like this.  It is a wallet/flip/folio type of case, reminiscent of a case for an iPad.  Flipping the case open, you can see on the left side there are two slots for you to put your credit cards, debit cards, license, etc.  The slots are pretty narrow meaning you can only fit around 2 cards per slot.  Behind those two slots, there is an opening where you can store some cash but again, the more you load this thing up, the thicker it gets which leads me to a small concern of mine.  With this wallet case loaded, the cover doesn't exactly stay securely closed just like when a guy loads up his new wallet.  I would have liked to see a little flap with a snap to secure it.  Moving on to the right hand side of the case, this is where you will snap your phone in, but there is a special feature here.  The case that holds your phone is actually removable from the wallet portion of the case making this a dual purpose case for you guys.  When you detach the case, it is essentially a Spigen Ultra Thin Air - really cool!  

The build quality is definitely top notch.  The leather feels great in hand and has the smell of fresh leather.  The detailed stitching, color contrast and interior lining screams premium.  Another really cool thing that Spigen did is to leave the back of the case cutout so you can use the camera while it is fully installed in the wallet portion.  

The Spigen Leather Wallet Snap case will set you back $54.99 on Amazon.  Unfortunately, you do not get any screen protectors here; you will only get the case itself which is available in two colors - Scarlet Red or Black.

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