Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5

Hey guys, today i'll be taking a look at the Saturn Case by Spigen.  The Saturn Case is very similar to Spigen's popular Ultra Thin Air case for those that like extremely lightweight and thin cases.  The only difference is the fact that the back of the case is mostly aluminum with diamond cut edges.  Spigen claims that the Saturn is slightly thicker but I did not really notice any difference.

Like I previously mentioned, the Saturn is a snap on the back style case that simply - snaps onto the back of your iPhone.  The basis of the design is the same as any other case like its type but Spigen went one step further to integrate a back plate of real anodized aluminum that mimics the two tone design of the iPhone 5.  The edges are diamond cut (even around the camera cutout) to give the case a glimmer shine when it is in direct light similar to the edges of the iPhone itself. 

Spigen's Saturn case leaves the bottom and top of the phone totally open allowing full use of any stock or aftermarket lightning chargers as well as any size headphone jack.  The left side of the case has separate cutouts for the volume buttons and the vibrate switch.  Other than that, there isn't much to the case; it is a simple snap on style thin case that will help provide bump and scratch protection but I would be leary to say it will protect your phone in a drop from more than a few feet off the ground.  There isn't really much lay-on-the-table lip protection for the screen and that is especially true with the Spigen GLAS.t slim screen shield that i'm using at the time of this review.  The only issue I have with this case is the bottom portion of it where it stops by the lightning port leaves an edge exposed where I typically put my pinkey finger when holding my phone one handed.  It is a minor annoyance but it was noticable for me right away.  This is the same for all snap-on-the-back style cases, though. 

The Spigen Saturn case is available for $26.99 in 3 different colors to match your iPhone.  For that price, you will get the case and a set of jelly home button stickers - unfortunately no screen shield included this time.  Right now you can grab one of these from Amazon's official Spigen store here for $19.99 with Amazon Prime!

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