Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spigen GLAS.t SLIM Glass Screen Shield for iPhone 5

Up for review this evening, I have the all new GLAS.t SLIM premium glass screen shield from Spigen SGP.  Spigen is the absolute master of premium glass screen shield products.  They have recently released a line of SLIM products and the GLAS.t has received the SLIM treatment.  

First off let me start by saying if you have never had the opportunity to use a pure glass screen shield, you are missing out on a must have product. Spigen's glass screen shields provide a level of smoothness that is superior to the naked iPhone 5 glass.  Think I am exaggerating?  You honestly have to try for yourself.  The GLAS.t line of premium glass screen shields are silky smooth, resist fingerprints like nothing i've ever used before and are extremely tough at at harness of 8-9H. 

The SLIM version of the GLAS.t comes in at 0.26mm thin versus 0.40 of the standard GLAS.t.  I previously reviewed the standard GLAS.tR and this slim version is very noticeably more thin.  This is particularly obvious at the home button as it is not as far recessed. With this one, I don't feel as if I need to use a jelly or aluminum home button sticker due to the recessed area.  

I honestly cannot express how insanely awesome this screen shield is.  If I could recommend any one "must have" product for iPhone users, it would without a doubt be a GLAS.t screen shield of any type i.e. GLAS.t or .tR or either slim version.  The price is not easy to swallow at $27.99 but I can assure you it is money well spent especially considering their replacement policy which allows $15 replacements if you ruin it on install or in a drop.  Go out and get one to try for yourself!

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