Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spigen Linear Blitz for iPhone 5

Today i'll be reviewing the Linear Blitz case from the folks at Spigen SGP. It seems that as of late, Spigen has been diligent in releasing cases with real aluminum parts. There is something “high quality” about a case that has metallic parts versus a cheap feeling plastic or rubber and they've hit that mark with this case.

The Linear Blitz is a multi-piece case comprised of 3 components; a frame, a backplate and a lower frame that locks all the pieces securely together. The frame parts are polycarbonate while the backplate is 100% real aluminum.  Spigen has built in plastic buttons for the volume and sleep/awake buttons that function perfectly, not degrading their functionality at all and look awesome.  There is a nice large cutout for the mute switch providing easy access to it.  The lower frame part has a series of cutouts over the speaker and microphone to ensure sound isn't hindered during normal operation.  Cutouts for the lightning port and headphone jack are on the slim side but don't pose a problem for apple's accessories.  The only branding on the case is Spigen's name on the left side and "Linear" written on the back plate.

I've been testing this case for a bit now and can say that there is no degradation of wifi signal due to the aluminum back.  I had seen some complaints about this online but no issues here.  The only issue to note from my personal testing is that the back plate has a tiny bit of "play" in it i.e. when the case is assembled, I can slide the backplate up and down by a tiny bit and is noticable to me.  I do not think this will cause any scratching of your iPhone but it is a minor annoyance to me. 

I have paired this case with a Spigen GLAS.t slim screen shield and can report that it works perfectly, almost like they were designed to compliment each other.  With the screen shield installed, there is a tiny bit of lay-on-the-table lip but it's almost negligible.  These two combined together is one amazing combo and would highly recommend it to you guys.

The Linear Blitz case is available in 3 colors; metal slate, metal red and satin silver for $31.99 on Amazon here.  Included in the packaging, you will get a Linear Blitz case, Steinheil ultra crystal screen shield, microfiber cloth and a set of jelly home button stickers. 

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