Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Graft Concepts Leverage for iPhone 5

The product I will be reviewing for you guys today is the Leverage case by Graft Concepts.  I had the opportunity to review the same case but for the iPhone 4/4S here

The iPhone 5 version of the Leverage case is very similar to the iPhone 4/4S version and there is definitely reason for it.  Why change something that already works and works well?  This version works on the same premise that the case is one big piece that is connected by the latching mechanism that Graft Concepts is known for.  

There are some things to add which are notable on the iPhone 5 version.  One major thing is the fact that they have added a metallic rocker style switch for the volume buttons whereas the iPhone 4/4S version had a cutout for those buttons.  The rocker switch looks really good and has nice tactile feedback when pressed.  The sleep/wake button is still covered with a metallic button built into the latch and also works well.  Around the button of the case, there are separate cutouts for the lightning port, mic, speaker and headphone jack.  

This Black version of the case is comprised of a soft touch material that feels great in hand.  There is a good amount of lip that protrudes past the front and back of the phone providing a solid amount of lay on the table protection.  Even with my Spigen GLAS.t Slim installed, there is still a lip above that.  One more thing to mention is that you will get a back plate along with this case which you can choose to install or leave off.  The backplate simply locks into the case and the latch holds it all together perfectly.

Graft Concepts has retained the same colorways as the other cases in which you can choose from a soft touch Black or a high gloss White.  You will also have the option to choose a matte or chrome latching mechanism.  It looks like Graft Concepts has dropped their price from $59.99 previously to $49.95 currently.  Overall, I like the case and I will definitely recommend it!

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