Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graft Concepts Leverage

Today i'm going to take a look at the Leverage case made by Graft Concepts.  The company was created in order to create accessories that complement high end Apple products.  

The Graft Concepts Leverage case was definitely created to accentuate the design of the iPhone 4/4S. The case will provide the protection you need without compromising any style. The case is a one piece design with a locking mechanism which links the case together. The bumper is made of a nice soft touch material that is fairly rigid but it gives enough where you can flex it to fit it on the phone. The locking mechanism is metallic and works flawlessly to latch the halves together and lock into place on the rubberized bumper frame. One nice thing that I really like about this case is that the sleep/awake button is incorporated into the metallic latch. The button is metallic and provides great clicking feedback when pressed. 

 The Leverage case works with all versions of the iPhone 4 and 4S since it has one large cutout for the silent switch & volume buttons. There are separate cutouts for the headphone jack and the secondary mic. The headphone jack cutout is very slim and will create problems with larger headphone plugs; nothing a small adapter couldn't fix though. Maybe Graft Concepts should include a small adapter plug in the case packaging? Like mentioned above, the sleep/awake button is metallic and covered. The upper right corner features the integrated latch which extends down the right side of the phone where it locks on the frame. The bottom of the case features 3 separate cutouts for the 30 pin connector, microphone and speaker. The cutout for the 30 pin connector is very precise and is not larger than the plug size itself which will definitely cause problems with larger aftermarket cables and docks. This cutout is recessed a little bit which will help but I still foresee issues in some cases.

 The Leverage case provides a nice lip on both the front and back with a smooth bevel on the front so you can easily slide your fingers across the screen and onto the bumper portion when swiping laterally. I can't say enough about how sweet the latch is on this case! It is created with style and looks in mind. I opted for the matte latch and it looks outstanding. I don't have a single complaint about the case except for the small issue of the slim 30 pin connector cutout. 

This case is available in both black and white with either chrome or matte latching mechanisms. It sells for $59.99 and is available here.

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