Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Incipio Inscribe DUAL Stylus Pen

I just wanted to write a short blog entry about the Incipio Inscribe DUAL stylus pen.  They offer a few different lines of stylus pens and the inscribe is called DUAL because it has both red and black ink inside of it.  Twist it one way and the red ink is used but twist it the other way and the black ink is used.  Opposite the pen side you will find the stylus.  The stylus side is not pointed as you'd typically expect but instead is a rounded soft touch type material that works surprisingly well.  I tested it on my iPhone and it works great.  It works even better on an iPad.  This thing is plain COOL!  It retails at $24.99 and is available in 3 colors (Silver, black and red).  

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