Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PhoneSuit Primo Power Core

Today i'm going to be reviewing the Primo Power Core battery pack by PhoneSuit.  I've reviewed an iPhone battery case from PhoneSuit, and i'm a fan of their products.   

The Primo Power Core is their biggest battery pack at 8200mAh and is a fantastic product not only performance wise but also appearance wise.  Due to its large battery capacity, the unit is  quite large and carries some weight.  It is 130mm x 75mm x 18mm and is 233g.  Its build quality is outstanding and is very visually appealing.  The top of the Power Core is finished in chrome while the rest of it is a glossy black plastic.  The top features 3 LED power lights that indicate how much battery life remains which brings up a complaint of mine.  While it's charging, the LED's flash but my issue is that when you have the battery pack powered on, the lights remain lit all the time.  I would have liked the lights to remain off while it's powered on with some sort of button to illuminate the lights when the user wants to check battery life similar to the Mophie battery pack I reviewed.  The Power Core features automatic amp switching technology ensuring all of your gadgets are charged at the fastest rate possible while making sure not to overpower the device plugged in.  

I've put the Primo Power Core through testing and one thing that really stands out is how fast it can recharge.  For being a 8200mAh power house, it doesn't take 8 hours to charge, rather just a few short hours.  Like I mentioned above, with 8200mAh, you will have more than enough juice to power all of your gadgets.  I keep it with me at work and I can recharge my iPhone 4S from 0-100% (even while using the phone heavily) 3 full times plus have power leftover.  I can't say enough about how impressed I am about the performance and visual appeal of the PhoneSuit Primo Power Core.  

It comes packed with an array of charging tips to ensure compatibility with your favorite gadgets.  It also comes with a nice small cloth bag to carry it in your daily gear bag.  The PhoneSuit Primo Power Core can be purchased for $99.95 and is available directly through their website.     

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