Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Olloclip for iPhone 5

Today, I’ll be reviewing a little bit of a different product for you guys.  That product is the Olloclip for the iPhone 5.  Olloclip is a photo lens attachment that easily and quickly slides  on to your iPhone to provide a few different styles of photos similar to how you swap lenses on a DSLR camera.  It sounds like a novelty at first mention, but it’s surely something to speak about for photo buffs.

The Olloclip is nice and small making it easy to tote around with its included small bag.  They also provide lens caps for both sides to ensure nothing scratches them.  So, you must be wondering what kind of shots can this lens attachment take?  There are 3 different variations as follows; Wide angle, Fisheye & Macro.  The wide angle makes for nice wide shots.  The fisheye is extremely pronounced making the lens alignment very important to maximize the effect.  The macro lens focuses at about 15mm (very close and very cool).

The idea of having 3 different lens attachments that you can hold in the palm of your hand to enhance your camera (iPhone!) is an extremely neat idea.  The product works flawlessly and I am a big time fan of it.  For $69.99, it may be a little bit of a sticker shock but remember you are getting essentially 3 different lenses all-in-one.  You surely cannot buy a quality DSLR lens for as little as this, let alone 3. 

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