Saturday, March 9, 2013

iCarbons for iPad Mini

The product for review today is an iCarbons wrap for the iPad Mini.  Skins or wraps like this serve a dual purpose which is dressing up your device as well as providing a good amount of scratch protection but of course won't do much in the event of a drop.  I am a huge fan of using gadgets as they came from the factory (avoiding using any type of case) and iCarbons is perfect in every way.  

I had the opportunity to review an iCarbons wrap for the iPhone 5 and I couldn't have been more excited to check out their iPad Mini version.  They were nice enough to send over a black carbon version.  I was also fortunate enough to get a version with the apple logo cut-out before apple put the hammer down on that.  I see that they are now offering versions that do not cut out the apple logo at the time of this writing (06MAR13).  

I recall being impressed by the exact cuts that they're using which fit the device absolutely perfectly.  Well, the iPad Mini version is certainly no exception.  The pieces of the wrap fit the device in the most exact and perfect way.  It is almost so perfect to the point that the installation was a little bit of a challenge.  I would have to say that is my ONLY gripe on this and I can't even justify it as a complaint. Every single cutout around the perimeter of the iPad is cut with extreme precision - absolutely no issues accessing any buttons or switches.  

Like mentioned above, installation takes a little bit of patience but with the help of iCarbons instructional videos, it wasn't too bad.  The back piece took quite a few tries to get the top and bottom to align perfectly.  The nice thing about these skins is that you can lift them back up repeatedly when aligning it without loss of adhesion.  Moving to the front skin install, I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top which took me about 3-5 minutes.  

All in all, I can honestly say, BUY THIS!  It is an amazing product and well well worth the money; $24.95 for the front/back and $14.95 for either front only or back only.  

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