Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iCarbons for iPhone 5

Hey guys, today i'm going to be reviewing a product from the crew over at iCarbons called the Two/Tone Special Edition Aluminum/White for the iPhone 5.  iCarbons makes skins and wraps for all kinds of products and I am very excited to check out this product for my readers and followers.

For users who love to use their iPhone "naked", without a case, but want to protect it from scratches while maintaining a unique, stock but sleek look, this product is definitely for you.  iCarbons was nice enough to send me this special edition two/tone aluminum/white version that mimics the stock look of the white iPhone 5.  I absolutely love the installed look of this wrap guys!  

The rear of the iPhone 5 is covered via 3 different pieces to complete the two/tone look.  Fitment of these pieces is absolutely perfect, probably the most accurate cut of a skin i've ever seen.  The camera/flash/mic cutouts are SO accurate, I am highly impressed.  The front of the device is covered in one large piece, and again, the cutouts are very very accurate and fitment is spot on.  The metal band of the phone is covered by one large piece, and again, is very very accurately cut to ensure total coverage without getting in the way of your phone controls.

Installation is not terribly difficult if you take your time.  Like I mentioned above, the cutouts are extremely precise, thus you must take your time to ensure you get these installed correctly.  If you follow the iCarbons video for installation, you will see the rear involves installing the top piece first, then the large middle, followed by the bottom piece.  There are certain techniques in the videos here.  The front piece was a little challenging due to the thin pieces that flank the sides of the screen but patience will ensure a proper install.  The piece that covers the metallic band was easy to install.  Once you get the installation started at the headphone jack, it's as easy as allowing the decal to drop into place as you work your way around the device.  

I said this before and i'll say it again, I absolutely love the iCarbons product and will be using this with my Spigen GLAS.tR to totally protect my device (the front piece will have to come off for that though).  iCarbons offers wraps for the iPhone 5 in may color variations; two/tone as well as solid colors.  Solid colors are offered at $24.95 where two/tone versions sell for $26.95.  

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