Monday, November 5, 2012

Incipio Feather Shine for iPhone 5

Today i'm reviewing the last of the Incipio cases i've got for review and this one is called the Feather Shine.  This version of the Feather is based off of their popular Feather case that was widely used on the iPhone 4/4S.  

The Feather Shine is a "one-up" from the Feather as it includes a brushed aluminum back plate.  The case is a typical snap-on-the-back style case and simply pops on the back of your iPhone 5.  It does not provide a ton in the way of drop protection but is more geared toward protecting the back and sides of your iPhone 5 from scratches.  The Feather Shine is very thin @ 1mm thin.  The case is comprised of high density but ultra light Plextonium material which definitely does not add noticeable weight to your device.  The case feels great in hand and has a sleek look with the brushed aluminum back plate.  

Fitment of the case is perfect just like all of Incipio's products i've reviewed, no complaints whatsoever. Ports and controls are very open just like all snap-on-the-back cases.  The top and bottom are completely open.  The left side of the case also has one large opening for the vibrate switch and volume up/down button.  Like I said, not a lot of drop protection but this will certainly do great for users who want light protection from scratches and daily bumps/bruises.  

I can certainly recommend this case but in my opinion, the pricing could be a little bit cheaper as this one sells for $29.99.  The Feather Shine is available in only 2 colors; the titanium silver color and obsidian black (as reviewed today).  

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