Monday, November 5, 2012

Incipio DualPro Shine for iPhone 5

Today i'm going to be taking a look at one of Incipio's new cases for the iPhone 5 called the DualPro.  Incipio announced a lot of new products for iPhone 5 and I'm excited to review one of them here today. 

The DualPro case is a 2 part case, as you may have guessed, composed of a silicone first layer and a plextonium outer frame.  The plextonium outer frame has a hard polycarbonate side frame around the perimeter of the phone with a brushed aluminum back plate giving the case a truly unique look.  The brushed aluminum provides a modern yet sleek look to compliment your iPhone 5.  

The fitment of this case is absolutely spot on and works with all types of screen shields.  I am using a Spigen GLAS.tR (very thick) and this case works perfectly.  As for the ports and controls on the device, starting at the top, the sleep/awake button is covered by the silicone first layer and has great feedback, no issues there.  The bottom of the phone has 3 separate cutouts in the silicone for the lightning port, speaker and headphone jack.  The left side of the case covers the volume up/down with silicone, again offering great feedback, along with a slightly small cutout for the vibrate switch.  This cutout could have been larger as I have to pick the switch with my fingernail.  

The case adds a little bit of bulk as you would expect for this level of protection.  It's not quite as bulky as an Otterbox commuter case and this one certainly feels more sleek in hand.  The case does not feel as if it adds a lot of weight and it slides in and out of pockets easily.  

Incipio did a great job with this new case and has my seal of approval.  The DualPro is available in 5 different colors and sells for $34.99.  

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