Sunday, June 30, 2013

AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones

AIAIAI is a little known company that produces great headphones.  I will be going hands on with their TMA-1 on-ear studio headphones for my followers today.

You know what they say about first impressions.  Upon unboxing the TMA-1's, you'll see your headphone nestled in a tray of (what looks like) studio noise isolating panel.  In the box, you will get a detachable coiled headphone cable (1.6 m length), 1/4" screw on headphone jack, a pair of pleather covered replacement ear cups and a TMA-1 branded carrying pouch for all of this.  Like I said about first impressions, everything is matte jet black, totally sick in my humble opinion.

Build Quality - these cans are constructed of all nylon soft touch material (no metal).  They are fairly light weight in hand and will not feel heavy during listening sessions.  I am a big fan of the ear cups that seem to be made of a type of pliable foam; they are very comfortable and don't exert much force against the sides of your head.  The upper band is lined with this same foam making them very comfortable.  The cord is a heavy gauge wire unlike a lot of other headphones i've reviewed.  This cord will definitely hold up to heavy usage especially in a DJ environment like these are designed for.

Sound Quality - The TMA-1 headphones have a warm and not overly bright sound signature.  The sound stage is large, extremely life like almost like you're hearing music being performed live right in front of you.  Treble and mids are ungodly crystal clear, in perfect balance and make vocals sound accurate.  Lows are well balanced (yet a litle light), not overpowering allowing all channels of sound to hit your ears instead of drowning in bass like Beats by Dre models.  In my opinion, I think the bass could be a little more tight and a tad more heavy but of course, this is an opinion and varies by listener.

I truly like these headphones.  They are hands down, the most comfortable set of on-ear headphones i've ever worn.  I have had them on for a long time testing them as I am writing this and there is absolutely no discomfort from squeezing on any part of my head.

Retail price for this gem is $250 but they're currently going for $204.95 with free shipping on Amazon here.  

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