Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5

The product that i'll be reviewing for you guys today is from Mophie and it is the Juice Pack Air case for the iPhone 5. Mophie has been a household name when it comes to battery cases for your iPhone and is top dog as far as i'm concerned.  Mophie products are targeted to the user whose work day goes beyond 9-5 and having extra battery power is paramount.  

Lets start with my first impression of the Juice Pack Air.  Holding the case in hand, you will immediately notice the premium soft touch finish of the case; it is REALLY nice.  The next thing I noticed is that they have finally moved the status LED's to the back of the case versus having them on the bottom.  In addition to that, when the case is being charged, the lights will illuminate for 30 seconds but will turn off after that as to avoid being bothersome when you have this charging on your nightstand at night.  The last major thing I noticed is that the charging port has moved to the bottom instead of the side which should help out a lot with broken ports like the prior cases.  Speaking of the charging port at the bottom, it looks like there are gold contact patches - could this mean some sort of Mophie dock?

The case itself is surprisingly lightweight (2.68oz) so it doesn't feel like a brick when installed.  The headphone jack is recessed by a large amount and Mophie has included a headphone extender to offset that issue.  There is nothing more that Mophie can do about that since Apple moved the headphone port to the bottom.  The left side of the case features covered buttons for the volume up/down as well as a built in slider for the vibrate switch.  The top of the case is similar and has a built in button for the sleep/wake function.  Like I mentioned above, the back side of the case contains the status LED's, a button that illuminates those LED's to check charge status and a switch to trigger the battery on and off.  The opening for the camera and flash is black lined so it does not cause any flash back.  

As for the technical specs, it packs a 1700 mAh battery which is touted to provide up to a 100% charge of your device.  This will vary of course based on your usage while it is charging along with your phones settings i.e. email push etc.  This amount of power should suffice for most users without a doubt.  One thing to note is that you cannot sync your phone over the provided wire.  You will have to sync wirelessly to iTunes.  This should be a non issue for most people especially since most users sync to iCloud over night anyways.

So, with all that being said, I love the Juice Pack Air case and certainly recommend it.  You simply cannot go wrong with a Mophie product.  The Juice Pack Air case retails for $99.95 and is available in 3 colors - Black, White and Red.

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