Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Lifeproof Frē for iPhone 5c

Hey guys, today i'm going to be reviewing the new Lifeproof Fre case for the iPhone 5c.  I had the opportunity to review the Lifeproof Frē case for the iPhone 5 here.

The Lifeproof Fre case is essentially the same case as was offered for the iPhone 5.  The ports and controls are covered in the same fashion and the lightning charging port has a small door just like previously.

The same thin film covers the entire front of the device providing outstanding protection. One improvement that Lifeproof has made for this 5c case has to do with the back cover.  The cover is now a frosted clear material as to proudly display the color of your iPhone 5c.

I have been testing this case for a few weeks now and have been nothing but satisfied, just like all of Lifeproof's products, they have another winner.  One thing worth noting is that the screen cover tends to accumulate a lot of oils from the users face as it does not have an oleophobic coating, but this is easily cleaned.  All in all, the case is holding up to all the abuse I can throw at it and the phone is totally pristine when I remove it (couldn't even find specs of dust inside).

Lifeproof offers this case in 2 colors; white/clear and black/clear.  Retail price is $79.99 and is readily available here.

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