Saturday, November 15, 2014

B&W P5 Series 2 Headphones

A couple years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Bowers & Wilkins P5 series 1 headphones.  Can they transfer that success into the all new P5 series 2 headphones?  Lets take a look at their brand new product right now.

Overall build quality and aesthetics are very similar.  The metallic back side to the ear cups are now matte black instead of brushed silver as the series 1 was.  With their leather wrapped ear pieces and the industrial looking metal on the outside of the ear pieces with Bowers & Wilkins engraved in, these are just plain sexy, even moreso than before.  

The P5 series 2 headphones are pretty comfortable to wear with their sheep leather ear pads.  After an extended period of wear, say an hour or more, I feel they get to be a little snug on my ears but that isn't uncommon.  

Sound Quality.  The series 2 differs from the original P5 with its all new 40mm drivers similar to what is used on the higher end P7 headphone.  The B&W P5 series 2, just like the originals are more true neutral and warm but they are no slacker in the bass department.  They prove to be a little light on the treble at regular volume levels but the treble begins to emerge at higher volumes (over 50%), giving an amazing well rounded profile.  In my opinion, I prefer a warmer headphone like this versus something that is so heavy on treble that it gives you a headache.  Warm headphones allow a much more pleasant and comfortable listening experience.  

Overall, I feel that the series 2 is a substantial improvement over the series 1 and merits the upgrade, no questions asked.  Like I mentioned previously, the more power you give them, the better they sound. 

In the packaging, you will find the P5 headphones with an attached 3 button remote cable, a replaceable headphone cable (with no 3 button iPod controls) and the same uber premium carrying bag for your precious new headphones.  Retail cost is $299.99, available with free shipping here.

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