Monday, June 25, 2012


Today we're going to take a look at DRACO Design's newest offering for the iPhone 4/4S called the Cleave Crystal. This case is similar to their Draco IV cases but this one is made of a hard polycarbonate material. 

The first thing you'll notice is that this case is extremely lightweight weighing in at 9 grams. The case by itself in your hand basically feels like nothing is in your hand; it's THAT light. Like mentioned previously, this case carries the same design as the Draco IV cases.

The case fitment is perfect and there are no gaps between the case and the phone. Holding the phone is a little bit uncomfortable on my pinkey finger as the 30 pin connector cutout edges are "sharp".  The headphone jack cutout is not overly large i.e. bigger headphone connectors probably will not fit. The sleep/wake button and volume buttons are covered with nice tactile feel. The silent switch cutout is very narrow and very deep making it impossible for me to access it with my finger (and I don't have fat fingers). The cutout for the 30 pin connector is generous and most cables should work. The cutouts for the microphone and speaker are separate and are perfectly cut. 

Overall, the case has a nice feel when you hold it but it adds a big of size as the case is relatively thick. There is a very small amount of lip on the front and the back but it's not much. You will definetly want to use screen protectors in which all should work as the case does not extend onto the screen or back of the device. I am always skeptical of cases that have next to zero lay on the table design because in the event your phone falls on its screen or back, you will more than likely shatter something as if you didn't have a case installed at all. This case will protect your device should it fall on the corners or anywhere along the sides as expected though. Due to its bulky feel and the issues with drop protection, I am hesitant to recommend this case. It sells for $29.99 and is available in Black, Clear, Emerald, Ruby and deep Blue.

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