Monday, June 25, 2012

LUXA 2 Lille

Today, i'm going to be taking a closer look at the Lille case by LUXA2. This company offers quite a few different cases for the iPhone and iPad, and this one is, well, different.

The Lille case is a folio type case made of PU leather. It utilizes a metallic snap to keep the case closed albeit not very securely. To install your iPhone in this case, you flip the case open and using the built in sticky pad, place your phone into the back of the case which will hold it in place. Regarding this sticky pad, the packaging states that it can only be used twice before it loses its sticky power. This is a major drawback for me and I assume most users as I switch cases weekly and two uses will definitely not cut it. With the top flap closed and secured with the metallic strap, the top flap moves around a lot and simply holding the case in your hand causes the flap to move around excessively. This makes the case feel shoddy and is unacceptable in my opinion. I am not a fan of this because in the event some gritty material was caught under the cover, it would scratch your screen.

The Lille case is completely open on the top, bottom and right sides with an opening for the volume buttons and silent switch. The top flap cover has cutouts for the earphone, camera, time and slider area so that it can be used while closed to answer phone calls. This is a neat feature but the cutouts are very dependent upon how you install your iPhone in the case on the back via the sticky pad. My initial install was slightly off and the slider was not centered in the flap cutout. Due to the sticky pad losing its power after 2 uses, this can become a problem. The front cover can be flipped backward and secured with the metallic snap to use the phone with the case installed also.

The Lille does not provide a lot of drop protection. The case is relatively rigid but it leaves a lot of the phone exposed. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable using this case due to the issues above and the overall drop protection, thus I can't recommend it for you guys. The Modica is available in 6 colors, and is available via online retailers.

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