Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jays t-Jays Four in-ear headphones

Today i'll be taking an in depth look into the t-Jays in ear headphones made by a company called Jays. They are a company out of Sweden and offer an extensive line of headphones to suit almost anybody.

In a large market of headphones and in ear headphones, Jays is one of many companies and they are one to take note of. Their name is not too commonly heard but I would like to say that they are ones who create a worthy product.

The t-Jays Four are the product that i've had the opportunity to review. The Four version offers a 3 button remote control on the cord in contract to the t-Jays Three. One thing that I couldn't understand is the reasoning for using standard wiring instead of the flat style (tangle free) wiring that is used on some of their other headphones. That is one thing that these could really benefit from since these were always getting tangled. The t-Jays four wiring is something that I haven't seen before. They make the cord length short (23.5 inches) by default with an additional 27.5 inch “extension” cord if you need the extra length depending upon your intended usage. I found the short default length to be too short for me and I was always using the extension cord which was constantly getting tangled.

The t-Jays have 10mm drivers with a sensitivity of 98dB @ 1kHz, impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency response of 15 Hz – 25,000 Hz. The earbuds are black rubber coated, but I would have liked to see other color offerings, white in particular. These seal the ear canal pretty well and let minimal outside noise in, which I prefer.

The sound signature leans on the bass side and is very warm. I found highs to be lacking with the mids and lows sometimes overpowering. Some users prefer bass heavy listening – these would be the right choice for you.

The t-Jays are available for $129. At this price, I think that they are slightly overpriced as the similar Klipsch s4's are cheaper and sound better in my opinion. Overall, the product is very well built, sound pretty good and come with all the accessories that you would ever need.

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