Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clear-Coat Full Body Protection for the iPhone 5

Clear coat makes screen protectors and other products, such as their iPhone 5 skins.  Today i'm going to give you guys a brief review of their iPhone 5 wrap.  I am an iPhone user who does not like to use cases so I am always looking for quality products that I can apply to the back and sides of my iPhone to keep it protected while retaining the "naked" iPhone look.  Clear-coat certainly nailed it with this product release.

Clear-coat films are made of urethane and are almost crystal clear (there is a tiny bit of orange peel effect).  I installed the back and side pieces on my device and found that the cutouts and size of the pieces are spot on.  The back piece is sized slightly smaller so that installation is a breeze (even a rookie could do this!).  The material has a rubberized feeling to it which I prefer because it gives the device a grippy feeling while keeping it from sliding around while on a table.  While this is great for the back and sides of the phone, I personally do not like the feel this type of material gives to the touch screen (think zagg, phantomskinz etc).  For users who are rough on devices, this is perfect as the urethane is very resilient to abuse.  Check out the videos on the Clear-coat website to see what i'm talking about!

Installation was easy and i'm confident almost anybody could do it with ease.  Installing the narrow side pieces was a little time consuming as the pieces are very small and they move around a lot when placed on the device.  This comes with the territory as is with all side skins from various companies.  Once dry, the side and back pieces remain solid and have not moved at all.  The cutouts for the back skin are accurate as seen below.

Overall, I really like the product that Clear-coat offers and I highly recommend it.  You can choose from screen only protection for $14.99 or opt for full body protection for $24.99.  Clear-coat offers a lifetime warranty which covers the product regardless of whether you botched the install or if it ever peels, tears etc.  All you have to do is pay $3.95 for shipping and they will send you a replacement. 

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