Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waterfield Designs iPhone 5 Suede Jacket

Today i'm going to take a quick look at the iPhone 5 Suede Jacket by Waterfield Designs.  The Suede jacket is exactly what it sounds like, it is a thin suede sleeve that you slip your iPhone 5 in.

Waterfield Designs offers both the plain sleeve and the sleeve with a built in exterior pocket.  I have the version with the pocket for review and found that the fit is perfect.  It is not overly tight which would make removal difficult but it's not overly loose where it can fall out.  The suede material has a nice smooth feel and the build quality is perfect.  The exterior pocket is "stretchy" enough to store your lightning cable and/or your headphones but will lay flat when nothing is stored in it. 

The Suede Jacket comes in traditional black but also cheetah print and zebra print.  The version I have sells for $14 and is available directly through the Waterfield Designs (SFBags) website. 

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