Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spigen SGP Steinheil Ultra Crystal Screen Shield for the iPhone 5

 Today i'm going to take a look at the Ultra Crystal screen shield by Spigen SGP.  I recently reviewed the Ultra Oleophobic screen shield by Spigen SGP and I want to do a little comparison between the two; check out the full review below. 

Spigen SGP has been the top dog in the screen shield market and they are certainly proving this again with this product.  I am a big fan of the oleophobic version and I have to say that the Ultra Crystal is an outstanding product as well.  The product is absolutely crystal clear and does not degrade screen quality at all.  I was surprised to find that the feel of the Ultra Crystal is not that much different than the bare glass.  I've used a few different screen shields in the past and none have felt as smooth and glass-like as this one (the Ultra Oleophobic also had the same feel).  The only complain I have about this product is the fact that fingerprints accumulate very quickly (unlike the Ultra Oleophobic version and of course nothing like the bare glass).  I was surprised to find how easy the fingerprints were to wipe away with a microfiber cloth though. 

Installation is typical of static cling style protectors and the cutouts are 100% spot on.  With that being said, your install must be near perfect.  I found that using the "taco-method" install worked perfectly and I was able to get mine installed perfectly in less than 30 seconds. The product is thicker than I expected and I tried to portray that below.

I've been using this product for almost a week now and it is totally scratch free despite my phone being laid screen side down and being taken in/out of my pocket a lot.  Spigen SGP has once again released a winner of a product and is available for only $13.99.  It is more expensive than cheap eBay screen shields of course but I guarantee you that the additional money is worth every penny. 

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