Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ballistic Case Shell Gel (SG) for iPhone 5 Review

Hey guys, tonight i'm going to be reviewing a product by Ballistic Case called the Shell Gel (SG).  I've reviewed some of their products in the past and they've never disappointed.  Will this case pass the test?  Read on for the full review below.  

The Shell Gel (SG) is a newer product for Ballistic and I was very excited to take a closer look at it.  From my initial glance at it, it looked like a competitor for the Otterbox Commuter case and it indeed is the same style of case.  This particular case is built with a 3 layer design.  Layer 1 is ballistic shock absorbent polymer, layer 2 is a tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell and layer 3 is the innermost soft silicone with shock absorbing corners.  Installation is a breeze; the silicone is very pliable and slips right on the iPhone.  The polycarbonate portion fits perfectly into the grooves on the silicone and pops on with ease.  The installed product looks a lot better than an Otterbox in my honest opinion.  

The ports and controls are all easily accessible with the Shell Gel case installed.  Starting at the top, the sleep/awake button is covered by the silicone but provides a nice click when pressed (not so stiff like the Otterbox Commuter).  The bottom of the phone has one large cutout across the width so everything is easily accessed.  The left side of the case covers the volume buttons, providing the same nice click just like the sleep/awake button.  Lastly, there is an ample cutout for the silent switch, no issues accessing that whatsoever.  The rear of the case has a nice dimpled pattern providing a little extra grip on your iPhone.  The cutout for the camera and flash is ample and has a black ring to eliminate camera flashback.  Moving around to the front of the case, it provides a hefty amount of lay-on-the-table lip to ensure lots of protection for your screen.  I only have one complaint and that is the amount of lint and pocket dust that sticks to the soft silicone. 

All in all, Ballistic has built another winner product and is available for only $34.99 (in 7 colors) but is available even cheaper on Amazon here

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