Friday, December 28, 2012

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal for iPhone 5

Today i'll be taking a closer look at another case from Spigen SGP; the Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal case.  Just how slim is this case compared to their standard Neo Hybrid EX that I previously reviewed? Make sure you read on to find out!

Spigen SGP has recently released a line of "slim" cases and I think it is a great idea that they've come up with.  This particular case is just as protective as the standard edition but with a nice slim form factor - I love it!  The 2 part concept is exactly the same, but the pieces don't add quite so much thickness to the iPhone when installed; as a user of both, I can feel a difference in the thickness in hand.  Due to the slimmer form factor, the silicone fits a little bit tighter and the polycarbonate frame also fits tighter - fitment is almost as close to perfect as you could get.  For those of you who are using tempered glass screen shields, this case works just fine and will sit about flush with the top of the screen shield (not yielding any lay-on-the-table lip on the front).

Like mentioned above, the design is the same as the standard Neo Hybrid EX - same silicone covered volume buttons and sleep/awake button that give excellent user "click" feedback when used.  I certainly do not have any complaints with this case; Spigen SGP has nailed another amazing product.  Pricing of the slim case is $31.99 which includes a Spigen SGP crystal screen shield, crystal back protective film and a set of jelly home button stickers.  If I had to choose between the standard and slim Neo Hybrid EX, it's a no brainer - go for the slim series.  


  1. Where did you get that back housing? It's not the original one, isn't it?

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