Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX Metal For iPhone 5 Review

Hello guys, today i'm going to be taking a look at the Neo Hybrid EX case for the iPhone 5 from the great people over at Spigen SGP.  

It's no secret that Spigen SGP creates amazing products.  The Neo Hybrid EX case is a 2 part hybrid bumper case just like the name suggests.  For users, like myself, who love to show off their iPhone, a bumper case like this is exactly what you need to provide drop protection and still retain aesthetic appeal.  The inner layer is a soft silicone rubber that provides shock absorption in the event you drop your iPhone.  The top layer is a hard polycarbonate frame that installs on top of the silicone to keep the silicone wrapped snug against the frame.  Spigen SGP has designed their case like this so you can interchange different color silicone and frames for a total customized look.  

Moving on to the ports and controls of the device, the case has a rubberized covering over both the sleep/awake button and also the volume buttons which provide nice user feedback when pressed.  There is a nice sized cutout for the vibrate switch so users can easily flip it without having to dig in there with their fingernail.  The opposite side of the case contains the Spigen logo, subtly embossed into the polycarbonate frame.  Along the bottom, there are "metal grate" looking slots so the speaker and microphone performance is not hampered.  The cutouts for the lightning port and headphone jack are rather slim and i'm not confident aftermarket lightning connectors would fit nor would headphone jacks larger than the stock headphones.  A lot of headphones have plugs which are similar in size to the iPhone earpods, so no worries, unless you have fullsize cans which commonly use a huge plug.   

Along with the 2 piece Neo Hybrid EX case, Spigen SGP provides a Steinheil Ultra Crystal screen shield, Steinheil back protection film, a microfiber cloth and 3 home button stickers (black/white/orange).  You can all of this Spigen SGP good-ness for only $31.99 available here.  As of now, this case is offered in Gunmetal, Metal Blue, Metal Slate, Metal Pink and Satin Silver.   

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