Saturday, March 3, 2012

id America Dry Ice

What I have for review today is the Dry Ice case by id America.  This case is a 2 piece snap together style case made of polycarbonate with a soft silicone coating.  With the case installed, it feels great in the hand and it fits absolutely perfectly on the device.  More on that later.

To install the case, you simply place the phone in the back portion of the case, then you snap the top "ring"on and that will firmly secure the case together.   I have to say that snapping the top ring onto the phone was sort of difficult and took me a few tries to get all the locking tabs to snap together.  The back of the case features the insigna "Born In New York" as seen above.  

As for the cutouts on this case, all of them are cut generously.  The cutout for the volume and silent switch is one oversized cutout which makes this compatible with all versions of the iPhone 4 and 4S.  The cutout for the headphone jack and secondary mic is oversized and should fit most of your headphones.  I am not sure about full size can  headphones as those plugs can be quite large.  The cutout for the sleep/wake button is perfectly sized and even "bevels" back towards the back of the case which makes getting to the button very easy without having to press overly hard to get your finger to depress the button.  The cutout for the 30 pin connector is oversized and is one big cutout to encompass the speaker and microphone.  This cutout should accommodate almost all charging cables, I don't see any issues here.  

I do have a couple negatives regarding this case.  I used this case as intended with screen shields on both the front and back of the case.  With shields installed, the back will show watermarking and the front of the case will bubble the edges of your screen shield as well.  For some, this may not be a concern, but I am very particular about my things and this bothered me.  Secondly, removing the case is very difficult.  At first I tried to pry the ring up and off of the back plate with no luck.  I tried using a coin and was still having issues.  I eventually found the trick which is taking your fingernail and placing it between the two halves of the case at the 30 pin dock connector and sliding your fingernail around the case between the two halves which is enough to separate them fairly easily.  Without this "trick", removing it is a challenge and hopefully this "trick" saves somebody from ruining their new case.  

Lastly, the cutout and flash ring for the camera are perfectly sized and provide absolutely no flash back as tested.  

This case is an absolute steal for $19.95 considering it comes with front and back screen shields and I would definitely recommend it.  

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