Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Xtrucase Slider & Duo Slider

Today I have a review for you guys from a company called Xtrucase.  I'm going to be reviewing both the Slider case (Black) and the Duo Slider case (White).  The market for aluminum cases is rapidly growing and there are a lot of choices out there.  What makes this one different than the others?  More on that later.  

Both of these cases are based on the same concept which is a 2 piece slider design made of Swiss aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish.  The back "ring" slides off of the case which allows you to drop your phone into the case.  When you have your phone installed in the bumper, you slide the "ring" into the case until the locking mechanism clicks into place, locking everything together.  This is different than most of the aluminum cases that require screws and a screwdriver to install.  

The Slider case is Xtrucase's entry level case where the Duo is their high end model.  The Duo Slider case has an even higher level of detail, more beveled lips and edges including a UV hard coating on the new pearl white version (which looks amazing by the way).  It has more material machined out of it making it lighter and more appealing.  

The fitment of both cases is absolutely perfect and the 2 pieces fit together seamlessly.  The cutout for the headphone jack and secondary mic is very generously sized which should accommodate most headphones.  The Duo Slider has a metallic button for the sleep/wake button whereas the original Slider has a cutout for it.  Both versions contain an oversized cutout for the volume buttons and vibrate switch so the cases will work with all versions of the iPhone 4. The original slider case has 3 cutouts on the bottom for the speaker, microphone and 30 pin connector.  The Duo Slider has one large cutout to encompass all of these openings.  The right side of the original slider contains a single cutout for the sim card where the Duo Slider contains 3 cutouts similar to the Vapor Pro case.  

I've been told that Xtrucase is working on additional attachments for these cases that will take the place of the sliding frame piece such as kickstands, belt clips, extended batteries, back plates etc.  These options will allow the user to customize the case to his/her lifestyle, something that I haven't seen before in these types of aluminum cases. 

Each case comes with front and back screen shields which are not affected (bubbled) with the case installed.  The cases don't add a lot of bulk and feel great in hand.  The Duo Slider feels a lot more sleek than the original Slider. 

I am highly recommending the aluminum cases by Xtrucase.  They are competitively priced at $49.99 for the Slider and $65 for the Duo Slider which are available in 15 different colors.  I have a promo code for you readers!  Use "MyiTechGadgets" to receive 20% off your order. 

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