Thursday, March 15, 2012

ProClip In-Vehicle Device Mount

How often have you had your phone in your pocket and had to fumble around with it to answer a call while driving?  How often have you wished you had some kind of mount for your phone while you're using it to navigate to a foreign destination?  Well, I have a product for review that may fulfill your requests.  It's the In-Vehicle Device Mount by ProClip.   

ProClip makes device mounts for almost every auto maker and for almost every device you need to mount for easy accessibility.  The mounting system is a two piece system which involves a mout that is custom made for your vehicle and a holder that's made specifically for the device you want to mount.   

I drive a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado and the mounting piece fits perfectly into the dashboard seams as you can see.  Once the mount is installed into the truck, you take the 4 included self tapping screws and screw the holder into the mount.  It's as simple as that to assemble the mounting system.  The holder has screws to adjust the width of the holder arms which creates a custom fitment for your device depending upon which case you use and it's size.  I opted for the holder with a charging pass through so that I can utilize the mount by itself, or plug in my charger to the holder cradle when it needs to be charged.   

The system is on the pricier side but the kit as a whole is high quality and fits well.  I'd recommend their products as I could not find any cons in my testing.  Check out

The mounting system for my truck ran $29.99 for the mount and $79.99 for the holder with pass through connector.

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