Thursday, March 29, 2012

K-array Ecodock

The K-array Ecodock is a small speaker amplifier made of plexiglass.  The dock is constructed with multiple pieces of plexiglass which are screwed together that amplify the stock iPhone 4 speakers.  The Ecodock has claimed it can amplify the sound by 10dB.  By design, it uses the natural laws of physics and the principle of the horn loudspeaker to distribute acoustic energy over a wide air surface.   

In my testing, it does seem that it will amplify the speakers by a significant amount but I was not 100% impressed by this piece.  It almost amplifies the speakers “too much” (including highs) and the sound is not really enjoyable.  My other complaint is the method by which you “dock” your iPhone.  To use the Ecodock, you set your phone into the shallow cavity that's cut into the dock, but from my testing, this is not sturdy whatsoever.  When installed, you can immediately see the phone is not securely seated and it appears the phone will fall over.  I was nervous my phone was going to fall and shatter.  Due to this docking method and the not-so-impressive sound amplification, I cannot recommend the K-array Ecodock.  It retails for $19.95.

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