Thursday, March 29, 2012

ID America Skyline

ID America is a company with a few unique designs for the iPhone 4/4S.  I've reviewed their Dry Ice case and today i'm going to be showing you guys the Skyline case which is their rigid flex case made of TPU.  Will this be a cheap throw on case to satisfy most of your needs?  Read on to find out! 

The first thing you'll notice is that the case is very flexible but it's not so soft that it will attract pocket lint.  On that note, I do have to say that the holes in the back of the case will allow lint to enter the case and pile up on the back of your device.  I knew this would happen and i'm not too sure I can handle it with my OCD ways.   

The fitment of the case is perfect and the cutouts are precise.  The sleep/wake button is covered but the volume buttons and silent switch are one large opening.  The 30 pin dock connector and speaker/microphone are also one large cutout.  The headphone cutout is a moderate size and shouldn't pose many issues.  The cutout for the camera is large but is relatively close to the flash which showed some flashback problems.

I like this case but a downfall as discussed earlier is the holes in the back allowing lint/dust/grime to enter between the case and the phone potentially scratching your phone.  In the packaging, you will get screen shields for the front and back and that should be enough to  keep your device safe.  Assuming a worst case, lint/dust/grime could enter the holes in the back and make its way to the metallic bezel and scuff it if you don't remove the case every once in awhile to clean it out.

In my opinion, this case is priced a little high at $24.95 in comparison to its counterpart, the Dry Ice ($19.99) which is a hard polycarbonate snap on case.  The Skyline is available in White, Black and Pink and is available on their website.  Bottom line is that I simply cannot recommend this case due to its steep price for what you are getting.  At $15, I would recommend throwing on both screen shields along with the case for a daily “beater” case but $24.95 is too rich for my taste considering the package as a whole.

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