Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lifeproof iPhone 4/4S case

I have another review for you guys today; the Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4S.  I am going to be reviewing the white version.

This case is truly a durable, take anywhere, do anything type of case where you do not have to worry about your phone getting wet, dirty, etc.  You can take it skiing, use it in the rain, use it in dirty/dusty environments and even in the shower!  It is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.  

The first thing you will notice is it's slim design factor.  It is a lot slimmer than an otterbox defender.  As you would expect, all the ports are covered and has a built in screen shield; more on that later.  

The case is very lightweight but the construction appears sort of "cheapy" and "plasticy" in my honest opinion.  In the hand, it kind of has the same type of feel.  It may be okay for some, but I just wanted to point that out since that is the impression I got from the case.  

You are probably wondering how the speaker works if it is completely covered, right?  The case utilizes the back panel to amplify the speaker and does an okay job, but the sound is still dimmed quite a bit.  The screen does a fantastic job of getting the earphone sound through to your ear during calls however.  

Now getting back to the built in screen and it's functionality.  The clarity of the cover is very good and I didn't notice any hindrance of clarity. My major gripe here and my biggest problem with the case was the gap between the built in screen shield and the actual phone glass.  When I put the case on, there was a noticeable air gap but as I read, expected that to go away.  I ran a 10 day test on this case and the gap never went away.  I tried all of the techniques they recommended to alleviate the air gap to no avail.  This gap does not affect the functionality of the screen too much but it definitely does require you to push harder to make contact with the screen.  If you use the case in an office or quiet environment, it clicks like crazy every time you touch the screen i.e. typing an SMS or email.  This was a deal breaker for me but might be okay for hard users who use this on a construction site, skiing, or under harsh environments.    

My recommendation is mixed as I WOULD recommend it if you do not care about the air gap and are hard on your phone but would not recommend it for the reasons described above.  Price - $79.99

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