Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slingbox Pro HD

Today i'm going to be reviewing the Slingbox Pro HD.  Just a little background for those of you who aren't are of what this is  - the Slingbox Pro HD allows you to stream your full livingroom TV experience right to your smartphone and/or computer when you are away from home.  This new Pro HD version is HD capable, more on that later.  

In order to run TV programming to your smartphone/tablet etc, you will have to purchase the official app pricing here  - I'm a little bummed about the steep pricing that they have in place.  Running the software on your PC/Mac is free however.

The Slingbox Pro HD is a compact unit that is very sleek looking.  It will fit right into your media cabinet at home and will complement your stereo receivers, PS3's, etc.  

Like mentioned previously, this unit is HD capable (1080i).  There is one major drawback here, it does not support HDMI.  This is a big downside in my opinion.  It supports many connections; composite, component and s-video.  All of these cables are included in the box as well as an AC adapter, ethernet cable, coaxial cable, remote control IR cable and a stereo audio cable.  

Running the Slingbox Pro HD requires a connection to high speed internet and a capable unit on the other end also connected to the internet.  The setup is very easy and straightforward.  

Another downside that I encountered is that the Slingbox Pro HD must be hard wired into a network connection, wireless is not supported as of yet.  

The computer software interface is very sleek and will provide an on screen remote that closely resembles the one used on the cable box it is connected to.  Streaming is very dependent on internet connection speed and the capability of your connected device.  In order to get the absolute best picture quality and stream, you'll essentially have to be connected to the same network that the Slingbox Pro HD is on i.e. watching TV upstairs meanwhile the box is connected to a TV in your living room.  If you are viewing remotely via the internet, the stream speed and quality will be reduced similar to Youtube etc.  For basic streaming, I would go with the Slingbox Solo instead for half of the price.  

Price - $ 299.99

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