Saturday, February 25, 2012

Powerbag Business Class Pack

I'm going to be reviewing the Business Class Pack by a company called PowerbagI'm going to give you guys a quick cliff note before going into this review and tell you guys this bag is just plain NEAT!  Highly recommended gadget for techies.

My first impression of this bag when I opened the box was that this product is very high quality and is built with attention to detail.  The bag exterior is a nylon material that appears very durable and would be easily cleaned.  Some of the pockets have a soft microfiber style lining and the laptop compartment has adequate padding to protect your laptop during transportation. Let's talk pockets/compartments - this bag has so many compartments that you can fit all your items AND some!  I went back through this bag yesterday and found even more than I found the first time I looked at it!  The following pictures are showing the compartments progressing from the front to the back:

 These bags have a high capacity battery onboard (larger capacities can be purchased separately).  The included battery is 6,000 mAh which can be seen in the third picture of this blog.  The battery has a dedicated compartment that it installs into which then powers the entire bag.  This battery will stay installed when charging.  The charging is accomplished via the included charger which plugs into a water resistant charging port that resides on the side of the bag under the flap shown at the bottom:

The included charging cables that are wired inside are an apple 30 pin connector (5V, 1A), a micro USB and a mini USB (5V, 800mA combined).  There is also a direct USB connection right next to the battery pack that allows you to connect your own USB cable to charge gadgets that don't use the included cables.

The backpack straps are highly padded and I believe would be very comfortable even under heavy loading.

The bag is turned on by pushing/holding the "P" on the outside of the bag until the lights come on.  This will effective make the wires inside "live" and ready to charge all of your on board gadgets.  The indicator lights will display your charge percentage at a glance.  One bar equals 25%, two equals 50% etc. 

In closing, I would highly recommend this bag and I could not find any negatives.  The price of this bag is currently $179.99 and available here.

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  1. I really want one of these powerbags they are so phat