Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mophie juice pack plus

Today i'll be reviewing an amazing battery pack case made by mophie called the juice pack plus (PRODUCT) RED. Before I go on with my review, I just wanted to point out that (PRODUCT) RED items donate 5% of the net profits to the global fund to help eliminate aids. Not to mention this case just plain looks coo.

The fit of this phone is absolutely perfect, one of the best fitting cases I own. I use it with front and back screen shields from SGP but it doesn't fit correctly with side skins so I had to remove mine which makes the fit perfect. This case is made of a soft touch black material on the front and back with a plastic red side band. All of the seams and edges/corners are nice and smooth which makes the case extremely comfortable to hold.

The sleep/wake button as well as the volume buttons are covered leaving the headphone port and silent switch open. The charging port is on the bottom right and the on/off switch for the battery is on the bottom left. The bottom of the case (where the 30 pin is) contains a button to illuminate the 4 white lights next to it which display the amount of battery power remaining. The only issue I see with these lights is that if you charge your phone near you when sleeping at night, the lights are very bright. My solution to this is leaving the phone on the floor next to my bed or you can stand the phone up so the lights are in the carpet. I'd like to see these lights integrated on the back of the case similar to the phone suit case. The case does offer lay-on-the-table design on the front so you can safely place your phone upside down and not have to worry about your glass screen touching.

The case packs a 2000 mAh battery On to my power usage experience, with my phone powered on, email pushing to 1 account and no user usage, I was able to take my iPhone 4S from 0% - 94%. I have not tested it charging from 0% with the phone off but I would presume it would charge to 100% or very close to it. Bottom line is that this is more than enough power for almost every iPhone user out there; effectively giving you 2 full batteries to last you through your day.

I would highly highly highly recommend this battery case to anybody in the market. I rate it an A+ and it is worth every penny. It retails for $99.95.

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