Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waterfield Laptop SleeveCase

Hi guys, today i'm going to review a nifty bag called the Laptop SleeveCase made by a company called Waterfield designs.  They make a variety of really cool bags and this one was a must have for laptop owners.

The one that I have is equipped with all the bells and whistles.  It has the suspension strap and the piggyback add on.  The outside of this bag is made of a ballistic nylon and the inside is cushioned with high grade neoprene.  It will definitely protect your laptop from every day bumps and bruises and the exterior appears it will last a long long time even as a daily bag.  The suspension strap is very padded and is very comfortable.  The piggyback add on clips to the D-rings and is perfect for your extras that you need to carry with your laptop i.e. MagSafe charger, phone charger, pens, etc.  With the SleeveCase by itself, there is no room to put anything other than your laptop in there so the piggyback was a must have and i'd highly recommend for you guys.

I am highly recommending this case, as this is perfect for users on the go that always need to have their laptop and gadgets with them daily.  The cost of this case, equipped as shown will run you $111 and can be found here:  Laptop SleeveCase

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